Frontend Editor Configuration

Editor Theme


Select a template: Change default template of designer. We have Default theme. However, you can create new theme by duplicate our default theme. See Create New Theme Guide

Sidebar position: Change the position of sidebar on the left or right of designer.

Logo:  Upload logo for designer tool.

Favicon: Upload Favicon

Logo URL: set link when click on logo.

Header Text(logo as text): If you don't have a logo image, you can use Header text as logo instead of image.

Default Title: Online Product Designer

Meta Description and Meta Keywords are for SEO purpose on the designer page.

Advanced Options

Language: Default language on frontend. (Pending function)

Currency: Default currency on frontend. (Pending function)

Min upload dimension: Required min width/height (in pixel) of upload photo.

Max upload files: max number of files for uploading on frontend.

Quick tour guide: Show/hide the quick tour guide when user start design. You can change the tour guide content in /templates/directives/help.html