Designer Options Set

You can setup difference options for each product type. For example if business card will required "Fill background color" and "show grid", but t-shirt will not need, so just create separate designer options set for each product type, name it and use it when setup product.

What is plugin/option?

Available plugins for Options Set

  • Enable Add Text
  • Enable Add Image
  • Enable Product details
  • Layers Panel
  • Layout Panel
  • Upload Photo
  • Orientation Switcher
  • Fill Background Color
  • Share Customized Design
  • Text2Art
  • Cliparts Library
  • Popular Shapes
  • QR-Code
  • Get Images from Social networks.
  • Get photo from URL
  • Enable Shopping Cart
  • Cropped Photo
  • Black/White Photo
  • Shape Photo
  • Lock in Place
  • Replace Photo
  • Remove Photo Color
  • Fit Width/Height Photo

Create New Options Set

1. From System > Manage Options Set > + New Option Set
2. From Product page > Manage Options Set > Add New Option Set