Create New Theme Guide

Like Magento theme, you can create custom theme for PDP based on default theme.

PDP theme path: /public_html/path-to-PDP-root/public/frontend/skin

Required files and folder for your_theme_name (name of directory is also the label of theme)

  • your_theme_name/assets/
  • your_theme_name/templates/
  • your_theme_name/dev-styles.phtml
  • your_theme_name/index.phtml
  • your_theme_name/production-styles.phtml

When you make a change of your_theme_name, just make sure you do follow this instruction:

  • Do not edit or add new files in default theme or core js files, it will be overwrite when we have new update.
  • Only edit file/directory after copied from default theme to your_theme_name.
  • You can add new file/directory in your_theme_name such as js, css, html.

Download sample theme: