Before Installing

Before installing PDP, you need to check that your web hosting provider fulfills the necessary conditions and that you yourself possess the required skills (don't panic! it isn't complicated). Neither of the two should be a problem, but it is wise to verify first.


- PDP can use same database with live store(Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart ..etc), so you can use the same database access information.

- You can install on separate database by creating new database, PDP will not create database name, database username and password during installation.

- Import the sample data(includes sample products, 15k cliparts and other information to get started, find sample SQL file in module zip package).

Other Notes

For a list of requirements on your web host, such as PHP library, see the official requirement page.

You will need to know how to use a text editor to edit the main configuration file if you want to run re-install(just turn on/off installed mode). If you are a Windows user, Notepad will do.

You will need to be able to use an FTP program to upload files and set file permissions (optional). You could choose FileZilla for this task, it is free software.

That's it! Now you are all set to go on to Installation steps.