Product Designer Tools For Printing Stores

Increasing sales by allow customers to personalize products design and buy prints online.
It can adapt to any business size on print-on-demand industry.

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Independent System

Integrate into your shopping cart without affecting to the running database.

Includes separate backend management and frontend view as a standard PHP OS. We have developed compatible systems for any PHP website (CMS, Blog WordPress, E-commerce system) and communicated with live site through API and bridge extension.

  • Manage all print products.
  • Self-hosting, full integration.
  • Manage unlimited resources to expand on the same system.
  • Manage the product description and printing cost.
  • System configuration overview.
  • Grant access to backend.
  • Warning updates and system automatic update.
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Product Designer Tool Independent System

Product Designer Tool Support Multiple Product Types

For all printable products in one solution

Support all personalized product types, such as invitations, business cards, brochures, shirts, banners, posters, mugs.. as more as your company offers service with online product designer. P+ support multiple product types

Printable products collection

Output is ready to print

in high quality with PDF, PNG, SVG

Output quality is guaranteed a minimum of 300dpi. Meet the latest type of printing products in various sizes. Printing size is defined clearance of product management in the backend or customized by customer.

  • 300 dpi output.
  • Supports PDF, PNG, SVG.
  • Admin can set the print area and the print size for products.
  • Options limit the minimum image size that customers upload for each product.
  • Product Designer Tool allows customer to specify the size of printing.
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P+ print high quality with PDF, PNG, SVG

Advanced price calculation

Support price calculate for multi printing techniques

Setup the right pricing to help you get more sales from customers as quick as possible and maximize profits. This advanced module price calculation is available for all versions of Product Designer Tool (P+).

  • Cariable price for each product(Unit price).
  • Price for cliparts, layouts and photo uploads, text.
  • Product custom options.
  • Support tier price.
  • Difference pricing for printing methods.
  • Currency conversion support.
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P+ advanced price calculation

E-commerce Integration

A platform built for your ecommerce store.

Product Designer Tools allows customer to design products online and purchase customized design for printing through your online store( Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, BigEcommerce, Shopify, Prestashop ..etc.)

  • Includes module advanced price calculation to calculate the details for each design.
  • Allow Add to cart.
  • Display custom images and selected options in the shopping cart.
  • Allows the customer to save the design in their own account.
  • Save customized design in order.
  • Customers can re-design to create new orders.
  • The function shipping, payment are made on your store live, Product Designer Tool only management products to manage printing without this information.
Product designer tool fully e-commerce integration


Smarter solutions for every device

The interface is designed to work on all smart devices such as smartphones, tablets to minimize costs and increase liquidity for your customers.

  • Product Design Tool work on devices with screen resolution of at least 480px simplified.
  • Best optimization speed on any mobile devices.
  • You can install separate templates for mobile if need.
  • Dashboard is also responsive.
product designer pro on ipad

Flexible & Customizable

Product Design Tool using common programming languages like PHP Zend Framework, AngularJs, Fabricjs and full HTML / CSS is accessible, ready for custom-designed to modify the overall look of your website. We provide documentation so that you can discover detail document.

  • Interface using Bootstrap and custom HTML/CSS.
  • Great fonts and customized icons (Fonts Awesome and PPlus).
  • Programmed in Zend Framework MVC pattern.
  • JavaScript libraries include: AngularJs, FabricJs and custom jQuery.
  • SEO title, description and keywords.
  • Supports multiple currency.
  • Multilingual support.
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