Some simple tips for you can make money from Printing T-shirts.

These tips are more than enough to help you understand how easy it is to make money printing T-shirts of your own. Get going, let your creative streak out and let others also benefit from it.
Custom printed tees are the in-thing nowadays, especially among the youth. People like to make a statement with their personalized tees. Hence, many printing shops have mushroomed across the world. It appears to be an easy and lucrative business option for wannabe entrepreneurs.
If you are creative and find satisfaction in providing your own printed tees, then this is all the more attractive. While there are many print shops that will print your design for you, there is nothing more satisfying than doing it yourself. Also, it may work out better for you in terms of higher profits. Here are some tips on how to make money printing T-shirts.
Some tips for make money from tshirt printing

1: Design

Design is the most important aspect of printing T-shirts. It is in the customization part that people willingly pay more money. So, if you outsource the design part to other vendors, you are letting go of a huge chunk of the profits. It is best to prepare your own designs. There are many tools available nowadays like Photoshop that can be picked up easily to create your own, wonderful designs. To know more about how design customization can be done, check out Product Designer Tool . Designs play a big part for you to make money printing T-shirts.

2: Pricing

Once you have created your own design, it is easier for you to arrive at a price for your T-shirt. List down all costs for printing the T-shirt like the material, the designing, the printing and any other associated cost. The idea is to make a profit, so decide on what percentage of profit you would like to have and price the T-shirt accordingly. You may start with smaller margins and then increase it slightly. Design software exists that help you with the pricing aspect too, like PDP.

3: Go online

In order to reach out to maximum audience for your business, create a website. There are many tools available that help you create simple eCommerce websites with shopping carts and payment options. If you are not a technical person, then you may choose to get this done with some help.
Work out the cost and see if spending on a website is worthwhile. In the long run, this improves the accessibility of your store and it is highly convenient for people. Once the website is done, you may look up PDP  to see if you can make your store more attractive.

4: Promotions

The next step is to promote your line of T-shirts through the use of digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing is the best marketing tool available in today’s time. You don’t have to spend much as well for creating a Facebook page or an Instagram or Twitter account. Social media is the happening place, where the people are. Create some marketing tricks like free giveaways for the best design or get people to participate in quizzes, polls etc.

5: Use traditional methods

It is important to also use a few traditional marketing methods. If there are any events happening in your area, then get a booth to display and sell your T-shirts there. While you may have to shell out some money for the booths, the local awareness that is being generated will be worth it. Perhaps you can take the help of a few volunteers, wearing your T-shirts for better impact.

6: Sell through local shops

There are many local cloth as well as gift and memoir shops that sell T-shirts. You could choose to leave a few sample pieces there. The other option is to provide them with bulk stock, which they can sell and then pass on the money to you. This is a good idea in case you don’t have the money to set up your own store to start with. Since you are taking their help to make the sale, you will have to work out and agree on a commission.

Explore and gain

The above tips are more than enough to help you understand how easy it is to make money printing T-shirts of your own. Get going, let your creative streak out and let others also benefit from it. It is worth the satisfaction to see people walking around in your printed T-shirts and advocate your cause!

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