How to Personalize Product to Increase Conversion Rate with Designer Tool

Web personalization holds the key

At the rate at which the Internet and E-Commerce is growing, we probably did not realize how and when it happened. But believe it or not, more and more businesses are allowing customers to personalize products to increase conversion rate. It is the age of personalization, in fact. Marketing researches who aredone on this topic, conclude that more customers are likely to buy, when they are provided with personalization options.

Personalization is preferred whether it be home furnishings or personal items like watches, clothes, mugs, pens, gift items or many more. Flaunt your likes and your personality with each and every possible item- that’s the mantra!

Interestingly, web personalization is an aspect that you may not be aware of, but would have benefited from. It is quite possible that your browsing habits, choices, preferences, buying habits etc. have been tracked. These statistics would have been used by brands to provide you some customized, personalized offers. When you see something on offer that you kind of wanted, you are more likely to check it out and in most cases close it with a buy.

This is achieved through web personalization. That is why web personalization has become a powerful weapon for brands now. Statistics conclude that consumers will willingly share more personal information if they stand to benefit. Further, it also shows that more than 50% of shoppers prefer to shop with brands offering personalization. The successes of websites like,, etc., tell a compelling story why web personalization is the way to go.

How to Personalize Product to Increase Conversion Rate with Designer Tool

Benefits of customized or personalized products

The benefits of personalization can be understood when you see how much the personalized Nutella jars and Coca-Cola cans are sought after. So let’s try to understand what the benefits of personalization are.

1. Higher conversion rate: Personalization increases conversion rates and this is backed by a few statistics as listed below:

  • Personalization is valuable, as per 53% of online shoppers
  • Sites providing personalized options are preferred by 45% of shoppers
  • Ads that are personalized are 10 times more likely to convert than regular ads

What makes it even more important is that 74% of shoppers are frustrated when they see content that is irrelevant to them.

2. Easy marketing: While it may be true that one needs to invest a bit to offer personalization, it pays for itself in the long run. It saves a lot of money that would otherwise have to be used for marketing your products. Every personalized product and customer that you engage with, is a brand ambassador who is endorsing your product. It is also an easier approach to understanding your customers and their needs. This, in effect, is actually easy, smart and the most efficient marketing technique.

3. Higher Pricing: Statistics suggest that a whopping 25% of shoppers are willing to shell out up to 25% more money for getting personalized products. This is a big benefit that your business will get in the form of increased revenues.

4. Customer loyalty: Customer retention and repeat orders are in itself a big benefit that personalization can offer brands. By offering personalization you are engaging more with the customer and they feel connected and valued. They will tend to stick to you and also get you more customers. Word of mouth still is a big influence in improving your sales.

5. Be Seen: Establishing an online presence and being shown up in the searches are good ways of ensuring better business. Personalization can help you increase your footfalls. When you make sure that you show and offer them what they want, when they want, where they want, it is likely to improve your online presence through better SEO ratings.

Personalization also offers many other direct and indirect benefits, like reducing overhead costs in the long run, providing new avenues and channels for sales, lesser customer complaints and more satisfied customers, and many options to streamline the order process.

Create a customized product using Online Product Designer Tool

Based on the above facts and inputs, you must be convinced that it is essential to personalize products to increase conversion rate. So the next step is to figure out how to go about it. This is where Product Designer Tools comes in. This is a powerful tool that offers product design services for online print-on-demand and personalized products, such as designer T-shirt, other apparel, magnetic signs and posters, business cards, smart phone/tablet/laptop skins, brochures, bags, stickers/labels and much more.

The most important aspect of adapting a software tool for providing online services would be ease of integration with your existing ecosystem. This is where our product will really stump you with its features and ease of use. This is an independent system that can be integrated into your existing cart without disturbing your existing database. The system is compatible with any PHP based website (CMS, WordPress, E-commerce system, blog) and communicates with the live website through the API and bridge extensions.

Our product can be listed as a Magento product designer as well as a Woocommerce product designer, as it supports websites built using these tools.

Other features available, are:

  • All types of print products can be managed (Multiple product types)
  • It is self-hosting with full integration. Easy integration with online stores built using Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, BigEcommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, etc.
  • Unlimited resource management with flexibility for expansion on same system
  • Product descriptions can be managed
  • Pricing can also be managed through advanced price calculation method
  • Overview of system configuration
  • Backend access
  • Automatic system updates and warning updates
  • Ready to print output in the form of PDF, PNG and SVG with a guaranteed a minimum of 300dpi
  • The solution renders well on mobile devices with screen resolution of at least 480px simplified
  • High amount of flexibility and customization

There is a whole host of other features that are worth checking out,that make this a really unique and worthwhile product to invest in.

Make a winning choice

When you have so much going for a product that can become your single personalization strategy, why look any further? That personalization has to be done, is a foregone conclusion. And what better way to get it done other than going in for a product like Product Designer Pro that offers you a complete and power packed solution!

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