Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales for Printing Shop

Going online also makes your printing shop accessible to people across the globe. The customers are motivated to check out your products and offerings, and place orders. Your customers will also provide you free branding when you use various printing techniques and provide them with custom stickers, T-shirts, etc.
The growth in the global economy has given rise to a lot of opportunities in the printing industry. The volume of online printing shops is on the rise, but that has not affected the market potential. The demand is huge and there seems to be something for everyone. Also, the need for custom product printing will only increase in the future.

Customized printed products are a rage among people as gifting options. Even corporates look to such options for gifting as it provides them a branding opportunity. The Internet search trends show that, every month, on an average, there are hundreds of thousands of searches happening for print services. The search covers products like catalogs, leaflets, paper bags, T-shirts and many other specific keywords.

Survival is tough, but not impossible. It is the use of effective online marketing tools that go a long way in this. Hence, many printing shops turn towards online marketing to establish their presence. The end result of using online marketing tools is that you can realize your potential, despite stiff competition.

The benefits of doing online marketing for printing shop

There are many benefits of doing online marketing for printing shops. In a highly digitized world, as most people spend time online. Most transactions are also done online for the ease and convenience that it provides. Social media has emerged as a rather powerful marketing tool that brands cannot ignore. Hence, online marketing will help printing businesses to reach out to the right audience. They will be able to easily attract customers, meet their needs and provide complete satisfaction to them.

Going online also makes your printing shop accessible to people across the globe. The customers are motivated to check out your products and offerings, and place orders. Your customers will also provide you free branding when you use various printing techniques and provide them with custom stickers, T-shirts, etc.

Just ensure to provide professional customer care to the customers who browse your website. It could be through personalized suggestions, emails, pop ups, chats etc. This will help build trust in your customers and when you back this up with top printing quality, you also gain the loyalty of customers.

The problem needs to be solved

So, there is a problem that needs to be solved by answering the below questions.
  •  – What does your printing website need to do to attract customers?
  •  – How to get your website ranked high in the search engine results in the short as well as the long term?
  •  – How to promote the brand to customers at a low cost?
  •  – What is the tool to provide best customer care over the Internet?
  •  – How to increase sales quickly and evenly?

The simplest way to solve the above problems is to use a combination of the most powerful online marketing tools available today. These are listed below.

Online marketing solutions for printing shop

1. Website

build website
An important part of the website is the appeal that it holds when people land on the home page. This aspect to hold attention and pushing to browse further depends on the theme used on the home page. There are many tools that help you create an online printing marketplace.

Theme: The theme of the website is made up of the color, the logo, the web page layout or structure, the information made available on the home page in terms of the primary categories, the ease to check out the sub categories etc. Use the right choice of colors depending on the target audience. Not too sober, nor too bright and flashy, should do the trick. The page should reflect your brand and its emotions. The ease of browsing retains people a lot as otherwise they get switched off.

The category needs to be listed carefully by providing all necessary information about the product. You should use keywords in product descriptions for better SEO optimization. Sub categories should be clearly defined and linked to the primary categories for better understanding.

Content: Each and every thing that is mentioned on the website is referred to as content. The content can be text, graphics, videos, audio etc. The content happens to be the most important aspect of a website. The content plays a major role in the SEO rankings of search algorithms. The posts that you make as part of the content helps customers to understand your shop, trust your brand, go on to make a purchase and become a loyal customer.

Functionality:  It is important nowadays to create websites in such a way that it becomes the perfect online marketplace, serving customer needs. When you provide what the customers need, they will be satisfied with the quality of the service provided. When the customer expectations are met, it counts for a lot. Integration of web to print software is an option to be explored.

Ensure that your website provides the following functionality:

  •  – Allow for exchange of information
  •  – Provide timely and apt response to queries
  •  – Provide contact information

To do all of the above, the website should be designed so that it provides:

  •  – Facility for online chat with customers
  •  – Collects requisite customer information like name, email id, the query etc.

2. Facebook Ads:

One of the most powerful of the online marketing tool is Facebook Ads. If this is used effectively, it can provide a good ROI on your marketing spend. There are many varieties of Facebook Ads that can be explored depending on your locality, type of business etc. Listed below are a few that you can check out

Like ads – The ‘Page Like’ Ads are meant to increase your page likes. These Ads will be placed in the appropriate posts on Facebook and urge users to like your Facebook page. The intent here is to attract the right kind of customers to your page. Once they check out, they may proceed beyond a mere like and actually browse your website and even make purchases. You can use catchy words like print high-quality T-shirts or custom poster prints to make it attractive.

Article ads – The instant article Ads are actually posts in the form of articles that talk about your brand, its products and services without being too obvious about it. It is like a subtle invitation that is shown contextually to the right audience. This will hold their interest and push them to click on the same. An example could be an article providing inputs on using an online product design tool to customize products in the printing business. It goes without saying that the article should be written in a professional manner.

Location ads – The location Ads are a great way to attract audiences. This means that the notifications or messages will be sent to people who are near your shop, urging them to check it out. You could list your store information and connect it with the location based targeting option of Facebook’s local awareness Ads.

Remarketing – This is a great way to reconnect with your target audience. If there are people who would have visited your website or app, and not made purchases, then get back in touch with a request to check out. The remarketing can be done in many ways like:

  •  – Website – The connection can be done through your website asking them to visit again through a notification or providing them a code or a discount for first purchase etc.
  •  – Video – Relevant videos can be shared with them, providing more information about products or services that they may be interested in.
  •  – Email, name, phone number – The customers’ email and name can be used to get in touch through personalized emails and suggestions. If the customers’ phone number is also available, then that can be used to send text messages or even make calls with some offer extension etc.

3. Google AdWords

google adwords
Google AdWords is a great way of increasing traffic on your website. It helps to rank your website on top with rankings in the Google searches. The key in this to find the right keywords and phrases that your customers would use to search. Ensure to use them and it will prove extremely helpful in attracting customers. When your link comes on top in a Google search, the chances of your customers clicking are very high. This automatically improves the chances of conversions too.

Factors to be considered for Google rankings and AdWords:

  •  – Advertising Keywords – Find out those words that the customers would search for and find the most that are also cost effective for you.
  •  – Advertising message – In the Ads ensure to convey the message about your product or service that will serve the customer’s needs. This should get them interested and provide you returns of the marketing spend.
  •  – The landing page – Ensure that the landing page is highly effective in providing the right information to the customers who end up there.

4. SEO

It goes without saying that SEO is a must for websites if they have to be effective as a marketing tool. How to ensure SEO for a printing shop? Thorough market research and analytics of your website traffic can provide you ample inputs for SEO implementation. The various types of SEO options that can be considered are:

  • SEO Keywords – The SEO keywords aspect has already been mentioned. Sample keywords for printing shops could be custom T-shirt printing, digital printing
  •  – SEO Location – Location based SEO optimization can be enabled through providing instantaneous search results based on location.
  •  – SEO Video – Optimizing the video content on your website so that it appears in the search engine results is possible. This helps in directing traffic to your website through organic as well as video search results.
  •  – SEO Image – Images used in the website should also be optimized to appear in search results. This can be done if they are tagged effectively with the right keywords and proper descriptions. Also ensure to use proper image dimensions and angles for better results and conversions.
  •  – SEO tools – There are many SEO tools available that can be utilized for better results.

The SEO process: the steps to create a complete SEO plan for 2017

5. Email

  •  – The email message for the campaign– Email marketing campaigns are still used by many marketers. It happens to be a very powerful one since you are reaching out to an individual through the inbox. That is likely to get attention, provided you make it interesting. So, email subjects and messages should be drafted with care. Use words like custom poster printing using an online product design tool
  •  – What kind of email can be used to attract customers? It can be a seasonal offer, specific promotions, launch of new products or services etc.
  •  – What kind of email can be used for the purpose of calling customers to contact or register? Introductory mails can be sent out to customers with follow up calls to get their registration done. Or email with specific links provided in them urging them to click on it can also be designed.
  •  – Number of messages per email – This is an important aspect of the email. Too much information or messages should not be conveyed in a single email. These can be staggered and every email should talk about something interesting that catches the attention. Too many messages can clutter the email and the mind of the readers.
  •  – Time to send email message – Nowadays there are many mass email sending tools that can be used for email campaigns. This reduces the time spent in sending emails. You can also schedule email campaigns to a specific time etc.
  •  – Frequency of sending emails – The frequency of sending email messages can be made an optimum one. It is not good to bombard the readers with constant emails and messages that can prove irritating. This can be done in a much more professional and timely manner, so that the message has the right impact.

Make the most of online marketing strategies

A lot of aspects are listed above on the use of marketing strategies to increase sales for a printing business. The bottom line of using all these strategies is to understand what works well for you, plan it out and implement it thoroughly. You need not use all of them. An intelligent combination of all that works effectively to get the desired results should do.

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