Magento Custom Product Designer Tool

Magento is one of the most popular tools used for building eCommerce websites. This is the reason why we decided to provide a Magento custom product designer tool that you can easily use.

Custom Product Designer Tools

The demand for personalization of products in eCommerce marketplaces is what has given rise to custom product designer tool. It has now become imperative that brands offer customization in order to stay ahead in a highly competitive market. This option gives them an edge in customer retention, repeat business, and establish a strong online presence, etc.

Without doubt, Magento is one of the most popular tools used for building eCommerce websites. This is the reason why we decided to provide a Magento custom product designer tool that you can easily use. We at Magebay, take pride in having developed this extension for Magento and being listed on their website.

Magento Custom Product Designer Tool

PDP – Online Products Designer Tool

It is the dream of every eCommerce marketplace to increase sales by allowing customers to personalize the products they buy online, using multiple designs. Our tool PDP can adapt to any business size in the print-on-demand industry. It allows you to create amazingly personalized products through artwork, text, photographs etc., on products as wide as apparel, sign boards, smart phone/ tablet/ laptop skins, bottle, as well as other labels, stickers and bags.

While it offers you an amazing range of designer tools, it is also easy to install, use and integrate into your shopping cart. Separate backend management is allowed while the front end view is that of the standard PHP OS. The tool is compatible for any PHP based website like WordPress Blogs, CMS, or eCommerce sites making it a truly custom product designer tool.

What PDP can do?

Products Designer Pro is the best suited for Magento based eCommerce websites as well as for Woocommerce, Opencart, BigEcommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, etc. While we have built it in such a way that it can do almost anything in terms of personalization, here is a list for you to get by.

  • – All printable products can be managed 
  • – Free installation, easy full integration and it is also self-hosting
  • – Unlimited resource management with scope for expansion
  • – Product descriptions and printing cost management
  • – Provides system configuration overview
  • – Backend access is granted 
  • – Automatic system updated as well as warning updates are provided
  • – Guaranteed high quality output with a minimum of 300dpi in the form of PDF, PNG, SVG
  • – Allows setting of printing area and uploading of images to be used for printing
  • – Advanced multi-tiered price calculation
  • – Support for currency conversion

The products that can be personalized range from, but are not limited to, shirts, posters, invitations, business cards, brochures, banners, mugs etc.

Products Designer Pro – Key Features

While the above bulleted list provides an idea about most of the features that are available in our product, we would also like to elaborate on a few key features. Through experience, we have found that the most powerful features that our customers love about this product are:

Compatible with any device: The advent of mobile devices has played a key role in the success of eCommerce sites. The accessibility and ease of purchase, using a mobile device from anywhere, helps spur the purchases. PDP is compatible with most devices that come with a screen resolution of at least 480px. The speeds are optimized for performance and options to install separate templates for mobile devices exist, too. Most importantly, the dashboard is highly responsive.

An advanced color system: We understand the need for that perfect, personalized product. These are highly individualized choices and each customer is different and special. As such, we have provided for an advanced color system in our designer tools to upload and manage fonts, texts and a variety of artworks, with options to add more colors for each artwork. No customer will feel let down for lack of options to get what they want and can easily put down their creative streak here.

The powerful admin panel: The ease of use of our product lies in its easy, user friendly administration panel that allows you to manage everything. Adding fonts, artworks, images, text, etc., are very easy. The complete order details with all elements of your customization can be checked in your order. PDP also provides sample designs, using which the customer can build their own, just by changing the elements. 

Advanced price calculation: With this feature, our product helps you set the right price for your items, so you can maximize your earnings. A unit price for each product, pricing option for clipart, layouts and photo uploads, text etc., support for tiered pricing, different pricing for different printing methods, and currency conversion support are all possible.


Products Designer Pro is the perfect answer to the printing industry that is looking at meeting the challenges of a fast paced, highly competitive market. Adapting Magento custom product designer tool like PDP from Magebay can make the difference in quickly establishing your online presence, by offering the best possible choices to your discerning customers. That too, while being cost effective and with quick returns as well!

We understand eCommerce and we love Magento. It is this potent combination that led our 3 co-founders to more research in this domain. This led to our first product in 2014. Since then, we have not looked back and with each product, like the recent PDP, we strive to solve complex issues for our customers. Maintaining a high quality, while trying to be as cost effective as possible, are the mottos we live by.

Our steady growth has resulted in a 20 member team now. We love challenges and technology and strive to bring in excellence in all our endeavors. We are young and ambitious and it is the success of our products and the trust of our customers that keep us going.

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