How to expand your business – Product Designer Pro

Offers a variety of products and service for online printing to anyone, domestic or international. It is very easy for integration and no effect to the reunion website. You can manage all transactions in Product Design Tools ( P+ ) with or without an e-commerce site.

Expand your business

Don’t limit yourself to a few choices of layout and don’t make location a hindrance in producing any certain product. By using the P+, you can offer a print service to any client, from any location even internationally. There is no limit to order quantity.

P+ is an independent system. You can integrate into the current running system, prepare for all the print products before publishing them without any effect to live website.

No need to rebuild your current stores. We have two editions for different business purposes.

Online Product Designer Pro

Basic edition: It is not required to have an e-commerce site, just a CMS is fine. There is no checkout or shopping cart function. Your customers can choose a print template or make their own product design and submit their contact information to request for a quotation with an approximate price by calculating based on their selected details. These requests are also stored inbackend of P+ as orders.

Online Product Designer Pro PDP

Enterprise edition: A connection to bridge P+ is required with your live e-commerce store (Magento, Open Cart, Woocommerce. etc. Check the compatible e-commerce system with P+). After connecting successfully, you can manage all print products from P+ customers and place orders as normal way: select a print product, custom design then add to cart. The product price will also be calculated by their selected details.

The main difference thing are the shopping cart integration. All other functions are the rest same on both editions.

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