How much cost to build an online printing shop with Product Designer Pro

There are many costs that you need to take into account while creating a website of your own for your online printing business. Below, we list out the main costs so you get an idea about the same...

The benefits of having a website

Gone are the days when businesses used to be restricted to a place and thrived on local marketing. The intention in those days was to create an awareness and put up a physical store with a good display. This helped in making customers walk in. However, there is a certain amount of time and money involved in this. It costs a lot to maintain the shop display. You would also need to have assistants attending to the customers.

People are very busy these days, and prefer to do all their shopping online, sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices. This is where the websites play a big part. Whatever kind of business you have, whether local or global, having an online presence makes for an instant connect with the customers. It makes things easier for them as well as for you. If you are wondering how to build a website, for a printing business, the following part will be very interesting!

Steps to build a printing website

There are five steps to be taken to start creating a website of your own. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Select a domain name

Domain name is nothing but a name for your website. For example, you have, etc. It is important to find a unique name, a short and sweet one. The name should have an instant connect with your intended audience. It should have a recall value, and people should be able to relate your products and services with the name. It is quite possible that the domain name you choose may already be taken. There are many domain name providers with whom you can check out and arrive at a name.

2. Select your hosting provider

The next step is to identify a hosting provider, who can host your website. The idea of going online is to make sure that your website is available and accessible to people. For this, it needs to be hosted by someone who is authorized to do so. Hosting a website is easier nowadays as there are many service providers.

Talk to them and understand their services. Check out how robust the servers are, what downtime they have etc. Different kinds of plans are also available for website hosting. Understand the options and choose what suits you best. Don’t compromise on 24 * 7 customer service. This is very important. Make sure that you have a proper understanding of what all is covered in the cost that is agreed upon for the hosting.

3. Select a web designer

The next step is to get your website created. There are many options to do this. If you have some technical background, then there are many tools that allow you to create your website. If not, then it is best to choose a website designer for the job. Ensure that you sit with the designer and state all your requirements. The designer should have requisite experience in the area and be able to show you prototypes before moving on to the actual website. Sometimes, things become clearer when you see the prototype. You get an idea about what can be done differently etc. Consider the design and color combination that is apt for the intended audience.

4. Select the best product design tool

For an online printing website, the most important aspect is the tool that allows you to create the designs. We can help you with this, as our online product design tool serves the purpose. Our tool is available at Kindly check out all details of our tool in order to understand how it can help you create a successful online printing business.

It has all the necessary features, high customization options, allows the use of images and text, fonts and colors etc. It can easily integrate with your website and is also easy to use. For any assistance, we are available throughout and can guide you on the same.

The product itself is highly flexible, and renders well on mobile devices too. So, your customers can shop, even from their mobile devices, and from wherever they are. Product customization options are available and customers can create and save their designs. The payment changes as per the selected products and customization done. The complete product is integrated into your shopping cart and does not require any special configurations etc.

Start your advertising

To get going in any business, you need to advertise for which you need to devise a marketing strategy. So, plan your marketing campaigns and budget accordingly. Ensure that people get to know about your website. All the marketing campaigns should be done in such a way that it drives more traffic to your website. Consider going in for social media marketing as that is one of the most effective marketing methods in today’s time. It can also help save you some money on the marketing budget.

Once the people land on the website, they should be able to easily browse through the products and make their selection. Our product allows them to create their own designs. So, once you get the people to visit your website, they are likely to be highly satisfied, provided you give them quality products and printing.

Costs involved in building a printing website

There are many costs that you need to take into account while creating a website of your own for your online printing business. Below, we list out the main costs so you get an idea about the same.

1. Domain name cost

The domain name that you have chosen, usually comes at a cost. While it is not much, you would still have to keep that in mind for budgeting purposes. Nowadays, you get domain names for as little as $10 for the starting year and so on. The domain name cost is also dependent on the extension of the domain such as .com, .net or .org.

2. Web hosting cost

The cost of hosting your website can depend on many factors. The kind of support that you signed up for and the model and complexity of the website play a big part in it. For a printing business, a simple site can serve the purpose. The starting cost for hosting such a site for a year with requisite support can start from $60 or so.

3. Design and building cost

Depending on which way you chose for the website creation, the website design and development cost can vary. Simple websites will cost less and the cost will go up based on the complexity of the site. The no. of pages, the no. of links, the underlying database design and development etc. can add to the cost of the website creation.

4. Product design tool cost

Make a wise choice and select our online product design tool, the complete tool for a printing business. It comes with a host of power packed features. It is fully integrable with the website created using many popular platforms like Magento and WooCommerce. It would soon be also available for other platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, and Opencart.

For more product details, kindly click here. All this is made available to you for a total cost of only $1299. Considering that this is a one-time investment, it is not a big cost at all. You get a wonderful product with a high amount of flexibility, as well as all necessary support.

The product can help you establish your printing business and help you attract customers. Our product can be your longtime partner as it supports all kinds of printing. It also allows you to manage multiple print products like apparel, mugs, bags, stationery, phone covers, caps and many more.

So, in order to create a professional online printing company website, with all required features, you would need to spend around $ 2000 for starters. The cost may vary a bit depending on the complexity of the website and the design. This amount of $2000 should not be high for most wannabe entrepreneurs as they can manage to take it out of their savings.

Take the first step

If you are looking to start your online printing website, then look at all the inputs mentioned above. Our article covers all aspects of starting an online printing business. To summarize, follow the steps mentioned. Identify a name, hosting provider, create the website and start your marketing activities. Just ensure that you include the online product design tool.

All this can be done with an investment of as little as $2000. You can start with a few products and aim at a particular audience. You can then expand to include more products and target a larger audience. Compared to many other businesses, starting an online printing business is certainly easier. So, take the first step and get going to realize your dreams. We would be absolutely glad to associate with you!

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