Boost your firm’s value

Sales growth is one of the easiest and straightforward ways to grow value, but this growth has become extremely difficult for most online printing company these days. Below are suggestions for boosting value with Product Design Tools ( P+ ):

Boost your firm’s value

Sell Proprietary Products

Use the P+ to provide  variety of unique product design templates, high quality artwork, pattern, fonts and multiple options for the editor. These features can make your products proprietary and unique, which increase the desirability of your printing services and the price a buyer is willing to pay.

online product designer pro pdp

Proprietary products offers protection from the market competition and enable you to sell your products at a higher price and increase profitability.

Be an Exclusive Firm

Not so many firms  own a designer tool due to the expensive cost and complexity to rebuild the system. This is a tremendous opportunity to be different from others on the print-on-demand market.

Show your customers how easy it is to make a cool product design. This will be productive and will increase sales at a higher price.

Cut Costs

With the difficulty in boosting the top line, a strategy to cut overhead can be one of the more straightforward strategies. These are so many benefits when you choose P+:

  • One time payment for lifetime use(no monthly or annual fees).
  • Free lifetime update.
  • Full Integration into available system with or without shopping cart functional inside.
  • Full Functional.
  • Easy for expanding editor materials like cliparts, fonts, design templates.
  • You can makes unlimited unique sample designs .
  • It is an automatic print-on-demand system.

Customer Benefits

Customer can create product design quickly online then select option to purchase with no waiting time.

Provide High Quality Service with the Right Price

Product Design Tools is supporting multi product types in one management system. Your company can offer printing service of clothes, phone case, business card, brochures, postcard, poster, flyer, magnetic sign, sticker, picture frame etc. There are no limits to the product option like color, size or custom options..etc.

online product designer pro

The interesting and important features are the price calculation solution: Product base price + Printing cost + Product option price.

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