Business Software for Selling Embroidered & Printed Products

We make pro version for businesses who sell custom branded products on the online shopping cart as Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify..

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* Full control & hosted your source code.
* The new version may not same as the video, check demo.
* Notification & Instant update via Backend.
* Ask live support for the best price.
* Free Installation, Free Maintenance Assurance.
* We’re available for a custom project.
* For more cheaper & lower edition & Only Magento, buy here.

Sell more products, grow your sales

Check our demo Magento 2 products designer tools. Other platform will be the same.

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Free Installation, Free Maintenance Assurance

The Full Edition contains all these add-ons below

  • pdp-plugins

    Soure Code

    Included all basic functions and module core source code.
  • pdp-plugins


    Allows customer to enter name and number and select multiple size for adding to cart.
  • pdp-plugins

    Social Import Photos

    Allows customer to import photos from their social account Facebook, Instagram, Google, Flickr.
  • pdp-plugins

    Artwork library

    Artwork library contains 15,355 cliparts changeable color in SVG format.
  • pdp-plugins

    Multiple SVG Color

    Changeable multiple color for any SVG artwork uploaded or from artwork library.
  • pdp-plugins


    Special text effects such as curve text, gradient, text pattern.
  • pdp-plugins

    Create custom size

    Allows customer to buy special print size by define their own dimension (width/height/unit)
  • pdp-plugins

    Embroidery by PulseMicro

    Integrate PulseMicro software for generate embroidery design online and purchase via shopping cart.
  • pdp-plugins

    Design by Customer Group

    Separate design templates by customer groups, for B2B, B2C. Required Customer Login plugin.
  • pdp-plugins

    Shape a Photo

    Put a photo in a shape art, such as heart, circle or any shape provided by admin.
  • pdp-plugins

    Show Layout

    Option to show grid design to split design area into multiple rows & columns. Useful for flyers, brochures, canvas.
  • pdp-plugins

    Customer Login

    Show a login popup and account dropdown menu for saving customized designs.
  • pdp-plugins

    Free Drawing

    Free drawing into design area on touchable devices.
  • pdp-plugins

    Screen Printing Color

    Special solution for auto calculating price by number colors in design. Use for Screen Printing Type.
  • pdp-plugins

    Product Finder

    Easy find a product by filtering by category dropdown list.

Keep your shopping cart, integrate our designer tools

Let create a profitable printing store, the way to make customers fall in love with your business. [Read more]

Save more time, make more money

Online Products Designer software for printing partners

Just move your all printing services from a local store to online store, you and your customers will able to save more time.

You can sell that all printable products such as t-shirt design, bag, clothes, shoes, phone case, signs, banner, event tickets, cups, brochures, posters, canvas, laser engraving products, embroidery products.

Manage every printable product and resource for making design template in the separate backend. Simple. Easily. Great user interface.

With Online Products Designer Tool, you will be able to create unlimited products and designs, define design area for each, create the overlay and making design templates with clipart collections.

Online Products Designer software for printing partners

Online Products Designer Tool support all the most popular printing types such as Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Vinyl Printing, laser engraving, embroidery. You can refer more here: 8 Basic Printing Techniques Used In the Web to Print Industry

Smart pricing configuration for each printing type with discount and tier prices, automatically.

Online Products Designer software for printing partners

The responsive, Simple and Good user interface, so everyone can use it easily. It is also customizable for better customer experience.

Using Online Products Designer Tool your customer will be able to select from your thousand design templates to get started easily. All the customized design will be autosaved while designing, and also saved in account dashboard later for order and re-order in your e-commerce store.

Output customized design are 300 DPI quality, it is always the best quality for print results.

Products Designer Online Software

Social media is not an effective marketing channel for all e-commerce businesses. However, for some businesses operating in fashion industries, this is the best way to reach customers.

For example, an online business women’s fashion store can easily connect with target customers through social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

By sharing customized design, your customer will free help you promote your brand name to their friends. It will increase your website traffic, conversion rate and up your brand value into the higher level.

Products Designer Pro

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